Fifteen Simple Tips To Choose Effectively A Physicist In Jacksonville Fl

May 07, 2018  
Jacksonville FL Physicist

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Apr 28, 2018 at 2:17 PM Apr 28, 2018 at 4:01 PM The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating the undetermined death of a female Duval County jail inmate early Saturday — just hours before her scheduled release. Lina Gail Odom, 28, of Jacksonville, died shortly after being taken to the hospital. The investigation is in its early stages but detectives don't suspect foul play, and there is no indication her death resulted from a use of force incident involving Sheriff's Office personnel, said Officer Christian Hancock, a Sheriff's Office spokesman. Odom was booked into the jail last Sunday after being arrested on a prostitution charge. She had been scheduled to be released Saturday at the conclusion of a six-day sentence, Sheriff's Office records show. Hancock said early Saturday morning, Odom was taken from a jail dormitory to its medical clinic for evaluation  because she appeared to be in some kind of medical distress. As her health declined, Odom was taken by Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department ambulance to the hospital, where she died, Hancock said. Before now, Odom most recently had been jailed April 4 on two counts of use or possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia. She was released the following day for time served, according to Sheriff's Office records.

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Jacksonville FL Physicist

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